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Green Mountain Electromagnetics, Inc. is an EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and product safety test laboratory. We've been in business for 30 years, and ever since we started, we have successfully been offering electronic-product manufacturers compliance testing to CE, FCC and military standards.

We offer fair prices, a quick turnaround, and cordiality for all your EMC testing and product safety testing needs. In addition, we work with a wide variety of industry clients in Vermont and elsewhere. Accredited to ISO 17025, our scope includes domestic and international standards.

At Green Mountain Electromagnetics, we offer quality testing alongside personalized service. It is our goal to create positive long-term relationships with our clients and customers. Careful time and attention are taken to work with customers that experience Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in products.

If by any chance a product fails to meet a specification, Green Mountain Electromagnetics will help companies comply with standards by changing EMI into EMC.

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Specializing in Electromagnetic Compatibility

We've made it our mission to develop long-term relationships with clients and to provide outstanding engineering support.

EMC Expert to Assist Clients
GME’s president is an EMC engineer with thirty years of experience: We call him the “EMI Doctor.” GME will work closely with clients to provide quality engineering, eliminating EMI and modifying the product into compliance.
Offering Fair Prices
It's possible to comply with standards without spending a fortune. GME will quote you one price in which routine engineering for non-compliant units is included!
Quick Turnaround Time
Products are tested promptly, and scheduling is at our client’s preference. GME understands the manufacturer’s need for products to enter the marketplace without delay.
Vermont Cordiality
Because GME rests at the edge of the Green Mountains, clients enjoy observing their testing and getting a taste of Vermont at the same time. Whether you choose to come with your equipment or to ship it, you’ll receive top-quality service.
GME is accredited by A2LA to ANS/ISO/IEC 17025 for test laboratories.

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