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Providing Industry-Leading EMC, CE Standards, and Safety Testing

Comprehensive EMC Testing for Industry Clients

At Green Mountain Electromagnetics, we work with a wide variety of industry clients in Vermont and elsewhere providing services including EMC testing, CE standards testing, and electronic product safety testing.

We're proud to be an ISO 17025-accredited test laboratory to EMC and Safety standards for these specific electronic product industries:

  • Commercial
  • Residential

  • Light-industrial

  • Industrial

  • Scientific

  • Medical (ISM)

  • Information technology (ITE)

  • Measurement

  • Control

  • Laboratory

  • Marine

  • Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)

  • Short-range-devices

  • and more…

Green Mountain Electromagnetics offers quality testing alongside personalized service, which creates positive long-term relationships with clients.

For more information on the ever-changing requirements of testing in the electronics industry, test costs and testing availability contact Green Mountain Electromagnetics

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