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Common Pitfalls in CE Testing and How to Avoid Them

Manufacturers face a myriad of challenges to ensure compliance with European Union regulations. At Green Mountain Electromagnetics, we understand the importance of navigating these hurdles.

CE Testing for Smart Home Devices: Navigating the Complexities

As the world of connected devices expands, ensuring your products comply with European standards is crucial. Green Mountain Electromagnetics specializes in helping clients navigate the complex process.

The Strategic Role of Military EMC Testing in Ensuring Operational Excellence

How does military EMC testing drive excellence? Learn how Green Mountain Electromagnetics upholds rigorous standards to guarantee equipment reliability and safety.

Power Plant EMC Testing: Keeping the Lights On

Explore the essential role of EMC testing in ensuring the seamless operation and safety of power plants. Learn how this critical process safeguards against electromagnetic interference.

Why RF Testing is Crucial for Your Electronic Products

Explore how RF testing shapes the future of electronics by enforcing standards, preventing interference, and fostering innovation.

CE Mark vs. FCC Testing: What Sets Them Apart?

Ever looked at CE Mark and FCC Testing and wondered what's what? This article breaks it down, making the complex world of compliance easy to understand. Perfect for anyone aiming to take their products global.

The Essentials of Military Standard EMC Compliance: What Electronic Manufacturers Need to Know

In the world of military electronics, where the reliability and functionality of equipment can have life-or-death consequences, ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is not just good engineering practice — it's imperative.

Demystifying EMC and Product Testing: 10 FAQs & Expert Answers

GME's experts uncover answers to 10 frequently asked questions about EMC and product testing.

Expert Advice: Key Considerations for EMC Testing for Power Plant Electronics

Explore expert insights into EMC testing for power plant electronics. Learn more about potential electromagnetic interferences, the latest testing standards, and the significance of continuous monitoring and periodic assessments. Master the intricacies of maintaining a safe and efficient power plant operation.

Unlocking Excellence: Why Accreditation Matters in the EMC & Product Testing Industry

Explore the significance of accreditation in the EMC and product testing industry. Dive deep into the pivotal role accreditation plays in ensuring quality, reliability, and global recognition in electromagnetic compatibility and product assessments.

Navigating the Path to Compliance: How to Obtain a CE Mark for Your Consumer Electronics

Learn more about the comprehensive process to achieving CE Marking for your consumer electronics so that your products meet consumer expectations and regulatory scrutiny.

What You Need To Know About the CE Mark for Wireless Devices

Discover the essential CE Mark directive for wireless devices: the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). Ensure safety and optimal functionality by understanding its key regulations.

The Importance of CE Marking for Industrial Equipment: Your Key to European Market Success

Unlock the European market for your business by understanding the CE Mark's compliance requirements. Explore its purpose, relevance and associated regulations in our informative guide.

Understanding the CE Mark for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Equipment

Compliance with regulations and obtaining the CE Mark are essential for accessing the European market. This blog post covers critical safety standards and protections to ensure your measurement, control and laboratory equipment meet regulations.

Ensure Your Maritime and Aviation Radio Services are FCC Approved

Learn the importance of FCC approval for maritime and aviation radio services.

What You Need To Know About Different EMC Tests

Learn more about the two primary types of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests: immunity testing and emissions testing.

A Closer Look at Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Take a closer look at Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to learn more about common sources.

Debunking Common Myths about Product Safety Testing

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to product safety testing. Let’s look at a few of the most common myths and debunk them.

Why You Should Always EMC Test Your New Product

Learn how you can prevent risk, meet regulations, and gain a competitive edge by getting your product EMC tested.

What is FCC Part 15 Testing?

If you're looking to manufacture or sell electronic products in the US, then you'll need to have your product FCC Part 15 tested. Learn more about what this process entails and how it can benefit your business.

How to Choose an EMC Test Laboratory

Learn more about key criteria for choosing a qualified EMC product testing lab to ensure a smooth product launch.

How to Get a Product EMC Tested for Safety

Deepen your understanding of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

The Difference Between EMI and EMC: What You Need to Know

This blog post breaks down the important distinction between Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

What is the CE Mark and Why is it Used?

Understanding the CE mark is essential to ensure market access and compliance in Europe. Learn key information about how to maintain product safety as well as the benefits of working with an accredited laboratory.

Method of Testing Conducted Emissions on Maritime Equipment

Method of testing conducted emissions on maritime equipment from GM Electromagnetics.

Top 10 Reasons Why Equipment Fails CE Safety Test and Inspection

There are numerous reasons why your product could fail CE safety tests, but we have compiled the top 10 reasons we have seen.


The Company, Inc. Model Monitoring System Control Unit was experiencing lightning-induced transient susceptibility failure modes.

Helmholtz Coils

A simple design for a pair of one-meter coils consists of ten turns each of #10 AWG copper wire housed in wooden boxes.

On-site Radiated Immunity Testing

Here is a simple method for building a temporary screened chamber (Faraday Cage) required for radiated immunity testing.