FCC Testing

GME is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory testing products for compliance with FCC Supplier Declaration of Conformity Rules of 47 CFR Part 15.

A photo of a GME technician using equipment to perform FCC testing and FCC EMI tetsting at the Vermont lab

The SDoC process is a new process as of 2017 replacing verification and the older DoC method. Excerpts from the FCC ET Docket 15-170 on Updating the Equipment Authorization Streamline the Self-Approval Process. The Commission currently requires manufacturers to self-approve certain devices under one of two processes. The Order would combine those processes into one, called the Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity. This will both simplify and reduce burdens associated with the equipment authorization process.

Allow Electronic Labeling

The Commission would provide for the use of electronic labeling for the information required under our rules to be displayed on products or otherwise provided with products, such as the FCC identification number and compliance statement. Doing so codifies many of the Commission’s existing practices and satisfies specific legislative requirements. The use of electronic labeling rather than permanent physical labels reduces costs for manufacturers.

Ease Burdensome Importation Requirements

The Order would eliminate the requirement to file the import declaration for RF devices brought into the United States with CBP. This requirement has become increasingly outdated and burdensome in light of current importation and marketing practices, the information otherwise collected by CBP itself, and the wealth of information available online. The Order would also modify Commission rules to clarify the compliance requirements related to imported devices and to provide additional flexibility in certain cases.

Update Measurement Procedures and Clarify Standards

The Order would revise Commission measurement procedures to streamline and consolidate requirements for devices used in different services. This will increase our agility to respond to changes in technology and in industry standards, and enhance the general understanding of Commission measurement requirements.

Unintentional radiators shall be authorized prior to the initiation of marketing, pursuant to the procedures for certification or Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) given in Subpart J of part 2 of this chapter, as follows:


Type of Device Equipment Authorization Required
TV Broadcast Receiver SDoC or Certification
FM Broadcast Receiver SDoC or Certification
CB Receiver SDoC or Certification
Superregenerative Receiver SDoC or Certification
Scanning Receiver Certification
Radar Detector Certification
All other receivers subject to Part 15 SDoC or Certification
TV Interface Device SDoC or Certification
Cable System Terminal Device SDoC or Certification
Stand-alone Cable input selector switch SDoC or Certification
Class B personal computers and peripherals SDoC or Certification
CPU boards and internal power supplies
used with Class B personal computers
SDoC or Certification
Class B personal computers assembled using
authorized CPU boards or power supplies
SDoC or Certification
Class B external switching power supplies SDoC or Certification
Other Class B digital devices & peripherals SDoC or Certification
Class A digital devices, peripherals &
external switching power supplies
SDoC or Certification
Access Broadband over Power Line (Access
All other devices SDoC or Certification