EMC & Product Safety Testing Blog

This blog post breaks down the important distinction between Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
Understanding the CE mark is essential to ensure market access and compliance in Europe. Learn key information about how to maintain product safety as well as the benefits of working with an accredited laboratory.
The method of testing conducted emissions on maritime equipment from GM Electromagnetics.
There are numerous reasons why your product could fail CE safety tests, but we have compiled the top 10 reasons we have seen.
The Company, Inc. Model Monitoring System Control Unit was experiencing lightning-induced transient susceptibility failure modes.
A simple design for a pair of one-meter coils consists of ten turns each of #10 AWG copper wire housed in wooden boxes. Combined coil resistance is 1?.
Here is a simple method for building a temporary screened chamber (Faraday Cage) required for radiated immunity testing.