Top 10 Reasons Why Equipment Fails CE Safety Test and Inspection

There are numerous reasons why your product could fail CE safety tests, but we have compiled the top 10 reasons we have seen.

10. Reverse polarity protection not provided or poorly implemented at DC power input.

9.  Metric units must be added to gauges.

8. Sharp edges/corners on metal must be remediated.

7. The electrical enclosure must be revised to provide proper EMI-filter mounting and cable penetration.

6. Device needs the international symbol for “Electrical Hazard” (IEC 60417-5036) inside the maintenance areas and on the electrical enclosure.  ANSI labels are not satisfactory

5. Device needs the international symbols for “Caution” (ISO 7000-0434) & “Read the Manual” (ISO 7000-0790) near the English warnings. 

4. Symbols in reasons 5 & 6 with explanations must be in front portion of the installation instructions.

3. Units with DC inputs need to be marked with voltage in VDC and current in mA.

2. Device needs a permanent label on the exterior indicating AC electrical ratings in volts, amps and hertz.  Volts must include 230 VAC.

1. Device needs a permanent label on the exterior indicating CE-Mark, manufacturer, model number and serial number.