On-site Radiated Immunity Testing

Here is a simple method for building a temporary screened chamber (Faraday Cage) required for radiated immunity testing. It can also provide ambient attenuation for radiated emissions pre-compliance. The chamber can be made of 4’x10’ mesh panels bolted or screwed together. A ground plane is under the chamber.

Partially lined (i.e. 4 pieces 5’x5’) with anechoic material www.mwt-materials.com MAC-8101 Flexible Low-Frequency Microwave Absorber or equivalent.

equipment layout length diagram


  • Build wood panel frame 10’ x 44” out of 2”x4” lumber
  • Need 50 panels for 40’ length
  • Use 1/4” mesh galvanized steel hardware cloth
  • 4’ x 100’ mesh rolls cut into 10’ pieces
  • Staple mesh to frame to make panels with overlapping mesh
  • Hinge one panel for a door