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Welcome to GME

GME is an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and product safety test laboratory located in Vermont. Electronic product manufacturers can test for compliance with CE, FCC, and Military standards at GME.

Please e-mail us at with any questions on EMC testing or to receive a quote.

Compliance and Compatibility

GME believes in the importance of adhering to EMC/Safety regulations. Time is taken to work with customers that experience Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in products. If a product fails to meet a specification, GME helps companies comply with standards by changing EMI into EMC.

At GME, we offer quality testing along with personalized service: Long-term relationships are established with clients. For more information on the ever-changing requirements of testing in the electronics industry, test costs, and testing availability, contact us at the telephone number or e-mail address below.


GME, Inc. | 219 Blake Roy Road | Middlebury, VT 05753 | 802.388.3390 | gme@gmelectro.com